With the increasing demand for non-stop coast-to-coast flights, it’s important to know a few things before booking your next transcontinental flight.  Each airline offers different deals, amenities, and upgrades so it’s important to check out the major ones, United, Virgin America, Jet Blue, Delta, and American Airlines.

A new feature United Airlines has added to their planes are nine inch TVs built in to every seat back, AC-power and USB ports and the option to purchase DirectTV or WIFi for their economy passengers and flat bed seats and entree selections for the premium passengers.  Delta now offers movie and TV show streaming to your mobile device or WiFi for purchase.  In some American Airlines flights, ten inch screens are in every seat back with DirectTV programming, as well as power access built in to every seat, unlimited snacks and free fast internet.

While each airline offers something different, it’s great to know that they’re listening to their passengers and giving them more bang or their buck on the longer transcontinental flights.