With airlines charging for everything from WiFi to baggage, some offer annual subscription plans for those that want to pay in advance to alleviate fees added to their tickets when they purchase their flights.

A la carte WiFi can start at $7 an hour and with subscription plans offered by Alaska, American and Delta airlines offer monthly unlimited access for $49.95 or $599.99 for the year.  An example of a baggage plan is United’s $349 for the year which is good for one traveler checking one bag on unlimited flights.  Discount Fare Clubs include Spirit Airline’s $9 fare club which gives hefty discounts based on availability for $59.99 a year and Jet Blue’s tiered fares which may include priority boarding and checked and carry-on bags.

Is an airline subscription plan worth it?  That is all determined by how much you travel in a given year and if you want to commit yourself to a sole airline to travel with.  Check out the different plans and see if this is something that’s right for you.